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“National Executives Urged to Establish Parallel Structure in Ashanti Region or Risk Losing 2024 Polls, Says NDC MP”

Mohammed Bawa Braimah, the Member of Parliament for Ejura-Sekyedumase in the Ashanti Region, has called upon the national executives of his party to establish a parallel campaign structure in the region. He believes that failure to do so may result in the party losing the upcoming 2024 general election.

The MP, who was reelected in the recent parliamentary primaries, accused Andrew Nana Kwasi, the Ashanti Regional NDC Chairman, of being divisive and causing unnecessary confusion in certain constituencies. Braimah claims that the issues caused by Kwasi’s interference will take time to resolve after the primaries and could potentially impact the party’s preparations for the 2024 elections.

Expressing his frustration, Braimah stated, “As a regional chairman, if you have a seat in a politically hostile region like Ashanti, you should not meddle in the four seats that you have in the constituencies. I dare say that the regional chairman is a poor excuse for a leader in this role.” He further explained that the regional chairman had introduced a candidate named Dr. Assad Awal, who did not meet the requirements to contest in the primaries.

Braimah alleged that Dr. Assad had not previously voted in Ejura and had not resided there for an extended period, both of which are constitutional prerequisites. He criticized the lack of proper vetting for the candidate and expressed his disappointment, firmly standing by his statements.

Moreover, Braimah claimed that the regional chairman’s actions had created division within the NDC’s strongholds in the Ashanti region, including the Ejura Sekyedumasi constituency. He cited a previous instance where the regional chairman had supported an opposing candidate against him in the 2019 parliamentary primary. Braimah concluded by urging President Mahama and the National Chairman to establish a parallel structure to oversee party activities in the region, warning that failure to do so could lead to significant problems

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