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National Service Personnel to Receive Teacher Certification at the End of Service – Executive Director

National Service Personnel to Receive One-Month Training after Service Period

The Executive Director of Ghana’s National Service Scheme, Osei Assibey Antwi, has announced that the upcoming 2023/2024 batch of National Service Personnel, who will be assigned to educational institutions across the country, will undergo a mandatory one-month training program. This training aims to equip them with teaching skills once they complete their service period.

Antwi explained that tertiary graduates who are not from educational colleges or universities but are assigned to teach in schools will benefit from this training. It will provide them with the necessary teaching skills to serve the nation effectively and enhance their future career prospects beyond the one-year service period.

The current 2022/2023 batch of tertiary graduates, serving in various sectors of the country, is scheduled to complete their service in October 2023, making way for the next batch to begin.

During an interview on the GTV Breakfast Show with Thelma Tackie, Mr. Assibey Antwi mentioned that the scheme intends to assign over sixty to seventy percent of the 2023/2024 batch to the private sector. This directive is a collaborative effort between the National Teaching Council, other educational stakeholders, and teaching institutions. Trainees will also receive certificates upon completion of the training.

Antwi highlighted the increasing demand for personnel in the private sector and the Scheme’s responsibility to equip graduates with skills relevant to the future workforce. In line with this, they plan to deploy a significant percentage of graduates with Science and Technology backgrounds to the private sector.

Addressing speculations about arrears owed to the current batch of Service Personnel, Antwi clarified that the Scheme only owes one month of payment, contrary to rumors of multiple months of arrears. He attributed the confusion and miscalculation to the unique payment format employed by the National Service Scheme.

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