NDC Executive Attacks Radio Show Host During Live Broadcast: Video Footage Revealed

On a live radio show in the Northern Region, radio host Sadiq Abubakari Gariba was attacked by Hardi Pagazaa, a former Deputy Communication Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the area. Pagazaa stormed the location and instigated a physical altercation with Gariba, even grabbing him by the neck and attempting to drag him out of the studio. The incident was caught on camera and showed the altercation escalating as Gariba resisted the attack. Gariba revealed that before starting the show, he played an audio clip of Pagazaa criticizing him on a different radio station. Gariba chose not to respond, stating that Pagazaa was not credible and not worth commenting on. After the incident, Gariba reported the incident to the police

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