“New Membership Dues Announced by NPP”

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has introduced a revised membership dues and payment system to bolster the party’s finances and enhance membership recruitment. The decision was made during the National Council meeting on July 20, 2023, and applies to all branches of the party. Stephen Ayesu Ntim, the National Chairman, stated that the new system is more user-friendly, transparent, and efficient, ensuring accountability. Members can conveniently pay their dues by dialing 920270# and following the prompts, thanks to the integrated technology. This move aims to improve the welfare of party members and drive the party’s growth.

The dues categories are as follows; 


• Bronze category – ₵ 2.00 per month 

• Sliver Category – ₵ 5.00 per month 

• Gold Category – ₵ 8.00 per month

• Platinum Category – ₵ 10.00 per month.

Apart from the membership dues, our party’s constitution includes provisions for Patrons – party members who can voluntarily contribute significantly to the party’s progress at different levels: constituency, regional, and national. A platform has been established to collect the contributions of all patrons at each level.

To encourage members to pay their dues, Chairman Ntim announced that there will be benefits for those who fulfill their financial obligations. The specific details will be shared with the public shortly.

The party has planned various activities to raise awareness and educate members about the new dues payment system. Chairman Ntim also called on the media for extensive support in promoting and disseminating information related to these changes.

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