“Nigel Gaisie and A Plus Engage in Heated Debate Over Their Knowledge of the Bible on Live TV”

On Saturday evening (May 6, 2023), Pastor Nigel Gaisie and media personality Kwame A Plus engaged in a heated discussion on the United Showbiz programme on UTV. The topic of discussion was centered around a wide range of issues, including the Bible.

In a video clip shared by UTV, Gaisie can be seen claiming that he has a superior knowledge of the Bible compared to A Plus. However, A Plus quickly fired back, stating that the preacher’s claim could not be entirely accurate.

It is unclear what specific points were raised during the exchange, but it is evident that the discussion was passionate and intense. The video clip shared by UTV only provides a brief glimpse of the exchange, leaving much to the imagination.

The exchange between Gaisie and A Plus highlights the importance of respectful discourse and the need for individuals to back their claims with solid evidence. It also emphasizes the need for humility, especially when discussing topics as complex and nuanced as religion and spirituality.

Overall, the exchange serves as a reminder that knowledge is not absolute, and everyone has something to learn from others. It is essential to approach discussions with an open mind and a willingness to listen and learn from different perspectives.

Find their exchange on the show hosted by MzGee below:

Nigel Gaisie: I am a historian, I studied history at the University of Ghana, we have the universal truth that is the Bible 

A Plus: Nigel, by whose standard (is the Bible a universal truth?) 

Nigel Gaisie: … I respect the different religions and orientations when it comes to spirituality, I hope you understand. But when it comes to spirituality, it will be a very big mistake for my brother Kwame to thin that he knows the Bible than me. 

A brief chatter from both parties and the host ensues 

A Plus: Nigel, my grandfather is a Jehovah Witness, my father was a Jehovah Witness, so I have taken the Bible and gone round to spread the gospel…

Nigel Gaisie: You have to go back and take the Bible again…

A Plus: Take it easy, I have ever spread the gospel… I can recite the Bible, not just that, when you tell me anything, I will tell you where it is in the bible.

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