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Niger’s Coup Offers Chance for African Leaders to Reflect, Says NCCE Chair

Mr. Samuel Asare Akuamoah, Deputy Chair in charge of Operations at the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has called upon African leaders to deeply reflect on their leadership tenures in order to reduce the occurrence of coup d’états across the continent. He emphasized the importance of comprehending the underlying causes of frequent coup d’états, identifying the justifications behind them, and finding effective solutions.

Mr. Akuamoah made this plea during an interview with the Ghana News Agency following a visit by an eight-member delegation from the Namibian African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) to the NCCE in Accra. The delegation was led by Mr. Lineekela J. Mboti, Chief Executive Officer of the Namibian APRM. The visit aimed to study the NCCE’s approach to civic education.

The African continent has recently witnessed coup d’états in multiple democratically elected governments, including Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and most recently, Niger. Mr. Akuamoah expressed deep concern that despite years of efforts to promote democratic principles, coup d’états continue to occur in the region.

He noted that such events offer an opportunity for introspection, urging a thorough examination of the causes and justifications behind these incidents. Mr. Akuamoah emphasized the need for leaders to be accountable to the mandates given by the people and to ensure that they are effectively carrying out their responsibilities.

As a member of the APRM Governing Board, Mr. Akuamoah called for a calm approach among conflicting parties and regional bodies like the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union. He stressed the importance of prioritizing democracy and preventing conflicts from spilling over.

Mr. Akuamoah also highlighted Ghana’s concern about violent extremist groups destabilizing the sub-region. To counteract this, he mentioned that the country is implementing projects to educate communities about the presence of such groups and to prevent potential attacks.

Mr. Lineekela J. Mboti, the leader of the Namibian delegation, encouraged democratically elected African leaders to enhance governance practices to mitigate the occurrence of coup d’états.

He expressed disappointment that Africa had not achieved the goal of “silencing the gun” by the designated year of 2020. He called upon fellow African nations to take measures to prevent the situation in West Africa from becoming a blueprint for the rest of the continent.

He remarked, “It would be regrettable and unnecessary. Ultimately, it’s the women and children who bear the brunt, and we’ve experienced that pain. We are determined not to revisit that dark period.”

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