Nkwanta: One person allegedly stabbed, houses, media firms and others under attack after two tribes clashed during Yam Festival

Information reaching indicates that tension is mounting in the Nkwanta Oti Region as two tribes clash over the celebration of the annual Yam festival.

Reporting from the area, Rainbow Radio’s Samali Abdul Razak said one person had allegedly been stabbed with a knife.

Several others have also sustained serious injuries following the incident.

According to him, media houses, police stations, and other installations are now being attacked.

He reported “They are now breaking into residences, media houses, and police stations.

These facilities are their target now. Please, we are in trouble here,” he said.

He added that residents have called for the immediate intervention of the police in addressing the matter.

It remains unclear what led to the confrontation, but both parties have claimed the right to perform the rites for the festival.

Some have also fled the area for fear of their lives.

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