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Nogokpo Chiefs Issue Ultimatum to Archbishop Charles Agyinasare for Peace Talk within 14 Days

The Chiefs and residents of Nogokpo, a town in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, have issued a stern ultimatum to Archbishop Dr. Charles Agyinasare, the founder of Perez Chapel International. They demand a personal meeting with the esteemed clergyman to engage in a peace talk concerning derogatory statements he made about Nogokpo being the “demonic headquarters of Volta Region.”

Expressing their disappointment, the chiefs call for a resolution to address the harm caused by Agyinasare’s remarks. During a sermon at a summit held at Perez Dome in Accra in May 2023, Agyinasare recounted an experience he and his co-pastor had in Nogokpo after attending a crusade in Aflawu.

The Chiefs and community members of Nogokpo are deeply concerned about Agyinasare’s derogatory statements and demand an explanation for his lack of remorse during a subsequent sermon on May 28, 2023. They clarify that his comments insinuate that Nogokpo is a hub for wicked and evil individuals within the Volta Region.

Emphasizing the historical significance of Nogokpo, including Ghana’s first President Osagyfo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah seeking divine assistance from the Thunder Deity, Torgbui Zakadza, during the struggle for independence, the Chiefs highlight the peaceful nature of the town situated along the ECOWAS highway, accommodating numerous vehicles and people daily.

The community prides itself on its peaceful and tolerant disposition, demonstrating love towards neighboring tribes while upholding their values. The Chiefs underscore that Nogokpo has never engaged in inhumane activities or compromised its reputation for material gains.

Recognizing the importance of promoting peace and addressing religious attacks, the Chiefs call upon various institutions and authorities including the Peace Council, the Christian Council, the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, the Ketu South Municipal Assembly, the Some Traditional Council, the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), the Inspector General of Police (IGP), and the National Security to intervene within the 14-day ultimatum. Their aim is to facilitate a resolution between the Chiefs and Archbishop Agyinasare.

The people of Nogokpo express their unwavering commitment to upholding their ethics, ethos, and core values, stressing the significance of not compromising their principles. They anticipate a peaceful resolution to the situation and hope that Archbishop Agyinasare will heed their call for dialogue in order to address the harm caused by his statements.

The community looks towards the relevant authorities and institutions to ensure justice is served and to foster understanding among different religious groups.

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