Notorious Alleged Landguard Transferred to Greater Accra Regional Police Command After Arrest

Captain Abu, a suspected notorious landguard accused of terrorizing Borteyman and its surroundings, was apprehended by the East Legon Police on November 21, 2023. Following the arrest, he was presented before the Greater Accra Police command, revealing that an arrest warrant had been issued due to his involvement in various illegal activities.

Having been transferred to the Greater Accra Regional Police command, Captain Abu is set to undergo processing before facing court proceedings. The arrest follows incidents where landguards torched vehicles and assaulted Borteyman residents, prompting widespread demands for prompt police action.

A bench warrant had been issued for Captain Abu’s arrest, considering his evasion and the potential flight risk he posed. Despite multiple attempts to execute the warrant at his residence, he remained elusive, engaging in alleged acts of intimidation, lawlessness, and brutality while posing as a National Security operative.

After attacking a Borteyman worker, Captain Abu was eventually apprehended by the East Legon Police, leading to his custody transfer to the Greater Accra Regional Police command. The arrest aims to address the concerns of residents and bring the accused to justice for his alleged misconduct.

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