NPP PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES; Jubilee House and Asylum Down must find a compromise: By Sir Obama Pokuase.

NPP PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES; Jubilee House and Asylum Down must find a compromise

Yesterday, Thursday, February 2, 2023, the much anticipated Steering Committee, National Executive Committee and National Council meetings of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) was held at the Alisa Hotel in Accra.

Topmost on the agenda was the date(s) and modalities/regulations for the impending Presidential and Parliamentary primaries of the party ahead of the 2024 general elections.

Unfortunately, after grueling hours of meetings, word came out that the party failed to settle on the date(s) for the presidential and parliamentary primaries for the umpteenth time, leaving members and sympathizers disappointed.

The disappointment stems from the fact that yesterday’s meeting was originally scheduled for 31st January, 2023, but was postponed at the eleventh hour to “broaden stakeholder consultation and engagements.” This latest development therefore brings to question the kind of consultations that were done during the period under reference.

What makes the outcome of yesterday’s meeting more interesting is the fact that all the “VVIPs” worthy to be consulted on this matter form part of the National Council, so one wonders the individuals/party gurus the party hierarchy will be consulting on the subject again. Clearly, something is not adding up somewhere!

Jubilee House v Asylum Down

Already, there are rumors in town that Jubilee House (government) and Asylum Down (party) are sharply divided on the date/s for the presidential primaries. While the party is all for an early Congress —- around August/September, 2023, the former thinks otherwise —- late primaries, but within the constitutional timeframe. This, according to sources is to avoid potential parallel supremacy or power sharing between the outgoing President and next flagbearer.

Parliamentary Primaries

There are also genuine fears that when parliamentary primaries are organized early in constituencies with sitting MPs, the likelihood of an MP losing primaries; abandoning their parliamentary duties to sabotage government business is very high. And so, there is the need to push it to early next year, by which time almost all government business would have gotten approval in Parliament. I kinda agree with this particular proposition considering the hung Parliament we have. However, l understand our MPs are also against it. They want it early.

Indeed, Article 13 (4) of the NPP constitution prescribes that, “When the Party is in government, the election of a Presidential Candidate shall be held not later than 11 months before the national general election.”

So, in fact, any date from now till 31st January, 2024 will not be unconstitutional. But the question is, will a late Congress be in the interest of the larger party that birthed the government? Just like the biblical Paul wrote in one of his letters to the Corinthians, “not all lawful things are expedient or advantageous.”

I humbly appeal to the government and the party’s hierarchy to move away from their entrenched positions, compromise their stance, and find a common ground in the interest of all kukrudites. The precedence of the 23rd December 2007 Legon presidential primaries and the June parliamentary primaries in 2020 (occasioned by COVID-19) must guide us. We can’t afford to fail the masses!

Assalamu alaikum!!

Source :Sir Obama Pokuase Facebook page.

Sir Obama Pokuase
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