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Observe the Jubilant Scenes as Gabonese Celebrate Alongside Coup Soldiers on the Streets of Libreville

Amid reports of a military coup in the capital city of Gabon, Libreville, jubilant citizens have taken to the streets in celebration. A media consultant shared an initial video capturing the unfolding events in Libreville as rumors of a military coup circulate. Army trucks, bearing members of the Republican Guard, traverse the town’s roads, greeted by a throng of cheering residents. The scene is one of hundreds of citizens enveloping the incoming military vehicles, their joy manifesting through songs and dance as the soldiers progress through the urban landscape.

In the early hours of Wednesday, August 30, 2023, Gabonese soldiers declared their successful takeover of power in the Central African nation. The formal announcement was broadcasted via national television, underscoring the military’s assertion that the results of the presidential election held on August 26 would be disregarded. Ali Bongo, the incumbent leader, who had been proclaimed the victor just hours earlier, found himself ousted from power. The opposition had decried the election as tainted by fraud.

Gabon’s Electoral Commission had initially declared Ali Bongo the winner with a slight majority, securing just under two-thirds of the total votes. This incident marks the second time Bongo has faced a coup, the previous one occurring in 2019 when a trio of soldiers attempted a brief takeover. Their endeavor, marked by the capture of the state radio station, was promptly quelled.

As of now, neighboring nations and the international community have refrained from issuing official statements regarding these unfolding developments. The implications and aftermath of the military’s actions remain a matter of significant international interest.

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