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Opposition Parties in Ghana Vow Not to Back Coup Attempts, Says Asiedu Nketiah

In a recent declaration, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has underscored its commitment to preventing any potential coup d’état in Ghana. This statement comes in light of growing concerns regarding military takeovers in some neighboring countries within the sub-region.

During a ceremony held in Accra to inaugurate eleven newly appointed NDC members into the National Executive Committee, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the Chairman of the NDC, addressed party members on this pressing issue. Nketiah emphasized that opposition parties, including the NDC, are steadfast in their determination to safeguard the stability of Ghana.

He remarked, “The developments witnessed in the sub-region are deeply unsettling. There is a perception that opposition factions might collaborate with those inclined towards military interventions to stage a coup. However, in Ghana, the narrative is distinct.”

Nketiah further asserted that the opposition in Ghana takes pride in being instrumental in the country’s democratic consolidation and the stability it currently enjoys. He affirmed the opposition’s commitment to protecting this hard-won stability and upholding the constitution.

Additionally, Mr. Nketiah called upon the newly appointed executives to rise to the challenges ahead. He acknowledged that their responsibilities would be demanding but expressed confidence in their abilities to meet these challenges. He also stressed the importance of unity within the party to achieve their common objectives.

In summary, the NDC, through Chairman Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, reiterated its dedication to preserving Ghana’s democratic stability and averting any potential coup d’état. The party emphasized its role as guardians of Ghana’s democratic achievements and pledged to uphold the nation’s constitution.

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