Osu Police Barracks loses power as ECG cuts off illegal connection

Parts of the Osu Police Barracks in Ghana have reportedly had their power disconnected by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) due to illegal connections to the national grid. The ECG’s task force discovered the illegal connections on three blocks of the barracks, which had been receiving power directly without a meter. These connections were discovered during routine rounds to recover outstanding debts owed by customers and were subsequently disconnected.

Laila Abubakarim, the manager in charge of external communications at ECG and a member of the team that visited the barracks, confirmed that power to the three blocks was disconnected due to the illegality of the connections. Abubakarim explained that the Ghana police would have to visit ECG to settle their bill covering a period of 12 months. She also stated that power to the main administration block of the barracks was not disconnected due to security concerns, despite the fact that it too owed outstanding debts. Abubakarim further clarified that the police accommodation facilities were considered a general facility, hence the disconnection.

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