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Our bonds are marketable and we will not accept a lesser offer, as stated by Yamson.

Harry Yamason, an investment advisor, expressed concern over the government’s attempt to force bondholders to accept an inferior offer under the Domestic Debt Exchange Program (DDEP). He criticized the government and its officials for creating uncertainty among bondholders. He stated that the bonds are currently tradable and can only become untradeable if the government takes deliberate action. Yamason pointed out that the government is demanding that bondholders surrender their bonds and rights for an inferior product without any legal guarantees. He added that if the government’s offer was truly superior, it wouldn’t need to interfere with the decision-making of individuals.

Meanwhile, Cassiel Ato Forson, the Minority Leader, reassured pensioner bondholders and others that parliament would quickly address the ongoing domestic debt exchange program’s issues. A meeting between the finance minister and the pensioner bondholders on February 10, 2023, ended without a resolution as the government insisted that the retirees should consider a voluntary exemption. Forson stated that the finance minister is scheduled to appear before parliament next week and they will fully represent the interests of the investors in the debt restructuring program

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