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Former Pastor and Wife Embrace Rastafarian Culture, Gain Online Fame as Viral Video Sparks Controversy

A video of a couple dancing and having fun has been causing quite a stir on the internet. In the video, the couple can be seen goofing around, smoking, and sharing intimate moments while wearing only their underwear. The man wore tight briefs that revealed his physique, while his wife, who was thin, wore loose white pants and a black bra. As the video gained popularity, social media users started uncovering old pictures of the couple when they appeared healthy and had two children. This revelation led to discussions about their past, with some speculating that they were once church owners.

The couple eventually addressed the situation in an interview with KofiTV. They confessed to shutting down their church and converting it into a farm. They explained that the church wasn’t generating enough income, while their farm was proving to be much more profitable. They also shared how they gradually lost their church members and fell into financial hardship because they couldn’t rely on offerings from the congregation.

“I am still continuing with ministry, but it’s no longer about Jesus. I’m doing something that allows me to sustain myself. Following him didn’t bring me any real benefits,” the former pastor admitted. His wife, Joycelyn, added, “When we held church services, only a few people showed up, and we didn’t earn anything. We were experiencing significant losses. If the members didn’t bring offerings, we couldn’t even afford to eat. This farm brings us a lot of profit. I cook and sell a lot of the maize we grow. If you follow some so-called church or even Jesus Christ, you won’t gain anything from it.”

The couple’s story ignited debates and discussions on social media, particularly regarding the whereabouts of their children. While the video showcased their current unconventional lifestyle, their decision to prioritize financial stability over their previous religious commitments drew mixed reactions from online users.

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