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“Police Officer Attacked by Group of 7 Young Men on Duty in Kumawu”

On April 8, 2023, a video went viral on social media showing a group of young men attacking a police officer at Kumawu in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Earlier reports suggested that the scuffle between the policeman and the young men was over a rat carcass, but an official statement from the Ghana Police Service clarified that the altercation occurred when a taxi carrying seven male adults was pulled over for search at a checkpoint. The suspects, who were allegedly overloading the taxi, attacked the officer in an attempt to prevent him from carrying out his duties.

The police officer and one of the suspects sustained knee injuries and were rushed to the hospital for medical attention. The suspects have been identified as Edward Boateng, Evans Addo, Yaw Kusi, Michael Owusu, Yaw Boateng, and Emmanuel Mensah, while one other suspect is reportedly on the run. Additionally, two other police officers who were on duty at the checkpoint have been interdicted for failing to rescue their colleague from the attackers

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