“Police Officer Fends Off Attempted Rifle Theft by Group of Young Men in Kumawu”

On April 7, a video of a policeman being attacked by seven young men in Kumawu, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, went viral. The policeman had reportedly attempted to confiscate game that the young men had obtained from a hunting expedition. The Daily Graphic, a state-owned newspaper, reported that five of the attackers have been arrested, while two others remain at large.

The video shows the policeman being held down on the ground by two of the young men who were trying to take his rifle. Another police team arrives on the scene and attempts to free the officer who was being choked by one of the attackers. One of the officers successfully retrieves the gun, and the young men continue to hold onto the policeman by the neck.

According to a police situational report, the young men were in a Kia Matix taxi cab with registration number AS 9504- 19 and had resisted a search by Corporal Sylvester Berhene. The police reinforcement team intervened and arrested five of the young men, while the other two fled. The arrested suspects were identified as Edward Boateng (20 years old), Evan Addo (20 years old), Yaw Kusi (22 years old), Michael Owusu (28 years old), and Boateng Yaw (20 years old). The report alleges that the young men were holding onto the policeman because he had confiscated their hunt

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