Preacher Alleges Deportation of Kevin Taylor Due to Adonko Threat

In the midst of Kevin Taylor’s threat against Dr. Kwaku Oteng, a self-proclaimed preacher known as Prophet Jeremiah has claimed that Kevin will be deported back to Ghana. Kevin Taylor, a US-based Ghanaian journalist, had previously vowed to expose the CEO of Angel Broadcasting Network and Adonko Bitters during his feud with media practitioner Nana Yaa Brefo from Angel TV/FM.

There have been allegations that some individuals are secretly persuading Kevin not to proceed with his planned exposé on the CEO, arguing that he is a peaceful person. During an interview with Abena Gold of Ghpage TV, Prophet Jeremiah Arthur encouraged Kevin Taylor to reveal any incriminating information he possesses about Adonko Bitters, so that Ghanaians can ascertain if there is anything untoward happening.

Prophet Jeremiah suggested that there is a spiritual force behind all businesses, including Adonko Bitters, and this force can either be positive or negative. He claimed that Dr. Kwaku Oteng cannot have such a successful company without some form of spiritual backing, whether it is beneficial or detrimental. However, he noted that this relationship is a personal matter between Dr. Kwaku Oteng and his God.

Prophet Jeremiah cautioned Kevin Taylor to tread carefully unless he has concrete evidence to support his claims. In the preacher’s opinion, Kevin lacks any substantial proof against Dr. Kwaku Oteng. He further mentioned that the only action Kevin can take is to work discreetly behind closed doors to ensure Nana Yaa Brefo’s dismissal from Angel FM/TV.

Moreover, Prophet Jeremiah revealed that based on the current trajectory, he is confident that someone who possesses deep secrets about Kevin Taylor will eventually expose them. This revelation, in turn, could lead to Kevin’s deportation back to Ghana by the American government.

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