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Private Developers Warned by Oforikrom Municipal Assembly to Obtain Building Permits

Private developers have been given a 3-month deadline by the Oforikrom Municipal Assembly to obtain building permits before proceeding with their construction projects

It seems that the Municipal Chief Executive of Oforikom, Abraham Antwi, has addressed the assembly members and heads of departments of the assembly during their first ordinary assembly meeting. During this meeting, he discussed the assembly’s revenue mobilization drive to meet their revenue target for the year.

According to Mr. Antwi, the assembly’s revenue inflows for the 2022 fiscal year were below expectation. The total revenue received at the end of the year amounted to 12.7 million Ghana cedis, which represents only 54.8 percent of the revenue target. To improve this, the assembly has decided to embark on a revenue drive centered on building permits. They will collect data on all properties with or without permits in their municipality and give those without permits a three-month ultimatum to procure their permit. Failure to do so will result in legal action being taken against defaulters.

Additionally, Mr. Antwi mentioned that going forward, the assembly will partner with the Ghana Revenue Authority to handle the collection of property rate using the unified common property rate platform. This move is to ensure accountability and transparency in the collection of property rates.

In summary, the assembly is taking steps to improve its revenue mobilization drive by focusing on building permits and partnering with the Ghana Revenue Authority for property rate collection. Failure to comply with building permit regulations will result in legal action being taken against defaulters

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