Prominent Ghanaian Journalist Addresses Aker Energy Bribery Scandal

Evans Mensah, a Multimedia Journalist, has responded to allegations of bribery that were leveled against him in a recent report. While he admitted to working for Aker Energy Ghana Limited, a Norwegian oil company, he firmly denied receiving a payment of over $125,281.21 for media consultancy, debunking the claims made by the Herald portal.

Mensah described the allegations as “old fabricated claims” aimed at tarnishing his reputation and credibility. The Herald had previously published an article stating that Aker Energy had given $125,281.21 to Mensah’s media company, EXCOMsult Media, with the intention of bribing pressmen and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to prevent them from questioning Aker Energy and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) regarding a $1.6 billion transaction. The report suggested that Mensah had been engaged by Aker Energy from January 2022 to December 2022, implying that he had received more than the stated amount.

In his statement addressing the allegations, Mensah clarified that he had indeed worked for Aker Energy Ghana through his company, EXCOMsult Media, of which he is the proprietor. He further explained that his media firm has provided consulting services to various organizations, including Aker Energy, since 2019. Mensah stated that he openly disclosed this information on his professional LinkedIn profile.

Mensah vehemently denied the claims that his company had received any funds, including the alleged $125,000, emphasizing that such figures were false and greatly exaggerated. He pointed out that all the individuals who were alleged to have been bribed had publicly issued statements denying any involvement in such activities.

Furthermore, Mensah refuted the assertion that he had suppressed any news stories related to the Aker Energy and GNPC deal. He urged readers to dismiss the report and treat it with contempt.

Read his full statement below:

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