Promotional Exam Results: 31% of Teachers Do Not Meet Passing Threshold

The results of the recent teachers’ promotional examination administered by the Ghana Education Service (GES) have unveiled a 69% success rate for candidates who participated in the February test.

Consequently, 31% of the candidates did not attain the required threshold for promotion.

From the overall 80,810 candidates who engaged in the examination, a total of 55,917 individuals celebrated success, securing their positions within the upper echelons of educational leadership.

This examination served as a pathway for those aspiring to occupy positions like Deputy Director, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II, and Principal Superintendent within the Deputy Director grade.

In an official statement, GES announced that candidates will receive a text message notifying them of their success status.

“A message will be sent to all candidates who sat for the exams to indicate whether successful or not. (Please note that, the promotion site will NOT be accessible this year) Formal promotion letters will be released in due course.”

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