Psychologist Advises Against Assumptions in Dating: Encourage Open Discussion on Tough Questions

Counseling psychologist, Naa Okailey, emphasizes the importance of having difficult conversations in romantic relationships. She advises that avoiding asking questions can lead to dangerous assumptions, urging people to openly discuss all aspects of their relationships.

Appearing on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning to discuss divorce in marriages and its causes, Naa Okailey encourages individuals to inquire about their partner’s future aspirations, financial views, and other significant topics during the dating phase.

She highlights the importance of understanding a partner’s mindset, such as how they envision their life when they become successful. For instance, she mentions that someone expressing a desire for multiple wives might only be limited by current financial constraints, potentially leading to more partners once they become affluent.

The psychologist’s advice comes after a divorcee named Lilian shared her story on the show. Lilian revealed that her ex-husband had opposed her decision to pursue further education while they were married. Despite being a stay-home mom with only secondary education during their marriage, Lilian decided to take up a job as a mobile banker, which her husband disapproved of. When the marriage encountered difficulties, she decided to pursue Business Administration studies at the University of Cape Coast.

Acknowledging her ex-husband’s consistent care for their children, even after he remarried, Lilian praised him for his support.

Naa Okailey’s counsel aims to foster open communication and understanding in relationships, ensuring partners align on crucial matters and avoid assumptions that can potentially lead to conflicts in the future.

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