Ras Nene Extends Apology to Achimota Mall Management Following Video Shoot Dispute

Ghanaian actor and YouTube skit maker, Ras Nene (Dr Likee), has issued an unreserved apology to the management of Achimota Mall following a heated argument with the mall’s security personnel.

In a statement signed by his General Manager, Okodie, the team expressed regret for the unfortunate incident and extended their apologies to the mall’s management and supporters. They emphasized their commitment to entertaining Ghanaians and promoting peace and love in the country.

The altercation occurred when Ras Nene, in collaboration with socialite Efia Odo, had planned to shoot a skit at Achimota Mall. Despite previously obtaining permission, they were unexpectedly denied access by the security team, leading to a confrontation.

The mall’s security personnel informed Ras Nene and Efia Odo that shooting skits without proper authorization was not permitted. However, Ras Nene engaged in a spirited debate, referencing an incident involving Meek Mill at the Jubilee House to highlight what he saw as a double standard.

The incident sparked conversations on social media about the management of public spaces, with users sharing their thoughts and opinions.

Ras Nene’s apology demonstrates his willingness to address the situation and maintain positive relationships. It serves as a reminder of the importance of respectful communication and adherence to rules and regulations in public spaces.

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