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Raymond Archer Cautions McDan to Pray for Perpetual NPP Rule

Businessman Raymond Archer has warned the Board Chair of the Ghana Trade Fair Company, Daniel McKorley (McDan), to pray for his party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to remain in power indefinitely. Archer advised McDan to be cautious about potential dangers if the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) wins the 2024 general elections.

Raymond Archer’s comments were prompted by McDan’s remark about Ghanaian youth being lazy. Archer, whose multi-million dollar company was previously demolished, accused the NPP of targeting businesses belonging to NDC supporters and supporting those of NPP loyalists.

During a Radio Gold interview, Archer stated, “They [NPP] have this pattern where they target NDC people when they are in office. They destroy the business, they build their own, destroy the politicians, pop up their own… McDan, he has to pray. I don’t talk too much, but he has to pray that his government stays in office forever.”

Archer further claimed that the McDan Group obtained a lagoon, displacing thousands of livelihoods, with support from the NPP. He criticized the NPP for taking over properties and resources while disregarding the rights of others.

The Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited officials conducted a redevelopment project in 2020, resulting in the demolition of structures belonging to various companies, including Archer’s Universal Labels and Packaging Co. Ltd (UNIPACK) and Colour Planet Limited. Archer asserted that the demolition was unjustifiable, as he had legally acquired the property, and the court had placed an injunction to halt the exercise, but the authorities proceeded with it without prior notice.

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