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“Rev Boakye’s Wife Pays Tribute, Expresses Doubts About His Passing.

Rev. Dr. Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, the late founder of Resurrection Power New Generation, has left behind an estranged wife who is still struggling to come to terms with his passing. Rev. Mrs. Margaret Boakye recently took to Facebook to pay tribute to her late husband, expressing her disbelief at his death and her hope that his legacy will continue to inspire many.

According to Rev. Mrs. Boakye, it has been 1 year and 4 months since her husband fell ill, and she had hoped that he would fully recover with the help of their Lord Jesus. However, when she saw him in the hospital after 1 year and 14 days, she still couldn’t believe that he was gone. She expressed her deep affection for him and the things he stood for, and said that his legacy of unadulterated teachings would continue to touch many lives.

Rev. Mrs. Boakye also prayed for her late husband’s soul to rest in peace and for him to ask God to give her strength during these trying times. She acknowledged that he had fought a good fight and brought revival through his crusades, and that she was sure he was welcomed into the arms of his Father and the Host of Angels with dignity.

In conclusion, Rev. Mrs. Boakye bid her love farewell, saying that she hoped they would meet again someday. She urged her husband to rest in peace and to continue to inspire others through his legacy of righteousness.

Earlier, GhanaWeb reported that the founder and leader of Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries, Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, had rained curses on his wife, Reverend Mrs. Anthony Boakye, and her family. 

According to a livid Rev. Anthony Boakye, he saw a deliberate attempt by his wife and her brother, Reverend Johnson Kwasi Oware, to cause him public ridicule. 

The ailing pastor, who had been away from the pulpit for over nine months in a video sighted by GhanaWeb, prayed that his sickness be transferred to his wife and her generation.

“He has insulted me on three occasions, to which I did not respond. This sickness that has inflicted me, I reverse it to you and your children for the rest of your life. Akwasi, you should take my sickness for the rest of your life. Yaa Asantewaa, take my sickness, you and your children. Have it for the rest of your life. You are seeking to disgrace me,” Reverend Boakye said while addressing his church members from a remote location virtually.

The outburst by the church leader followed a confrontation between his wife and the leaders of the church over money belonging to the church.

A few weeks earlier, the power struggle between the wife of the church founder, Reverend Mrs. Anthony Boakye, and the leaders of Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries, reached a new height when members of the church contributed towards the payment of his white car.

According to a CCTV footage seen by priningonline , Mrs. Boakye was captured assaulting some church leaders during the counting of church funds. In an interview with Ekuonaba TV, Reverend Johnson Kwasi Oware, Mrs. Boakye’s brother, condemned her actions but explained that the incident was a setup orchestrated by a group of church leaders to disgrace his sister. He further explained that an agreement was in place for representatives from the pastor’s wife, church leaders, and other stakeholders to oversee the counting of money. However, on that Sunday, the pastor’s wife discovered that the church leaders who intended to misuse the funds were present during the counting, prompting her reaction

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