Saanie Daara Highlights 14 Lessons Black Football Stars Should Learn from Benjamin Mendy’s Ordeal

Former Ghana Football Association spokesperson Sannie Daara Offers Advice to Black Football Stars

In light of the recent acquittal of French footballer Benjamin Mendy and the ongoing wave of serious accusations, particularly involving rape scandals concerning black and African players, Sannie Daara, former spokesperson of the Ghana Football Association, has provided valuable advice to football stars.

Daara emphasizes the importance of taking precautions to protect their reputations and navigate potential challenges. He particularly highlights the need for caution in personal interactions, especially with individuals who may not fully understand their culture or have ulterior motives.

Furthermore, Daara encourages players to consider marrying early in their careers before they attain fame. By establishing a foundation of trust and support through marriage, players can mitigate risks and safeguard their personal lives.

Daara also stresses the significance of leveraging the support systems provided by their clubs. These systems can assist players in addressing any weaknesses they may have and provide valuable guidance and assistance throughout their careers.

By heeding this advice, black football stars can better protect themselves and navigate the complexities and challenges that come with their prominence in the football world.

See Saanie Daara’s 14 lessons for black football stars must learn below


❇ Avoid girls regular at high profile nightclubs. Most are media informants, gold diggers, false rape accusers, have unplanned kids with you for child support or give you STDs. 

❇ Avoid women who don’t understand you or your culture 

❇ Marry early in your career and to a woman before you became famous. 

❇ Avoid too many text messages: They can use innocent convos against you

❇ Maintain a small circle of wise and trusted friends who can give you support & good advice. 

❇ Maintain personal integrity: Uphold the highest ethical standards on and off the field. 

❇ Respect boundaries: Always ensure consent and respect personal boundaries in all interactions. 

❇ Seek legal guidance: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations to ensure compliance. 

❇ Be cautious with your social interactions: Understand the potential consequences of your actions and make responsible choices.

❇ Protect your reputation: Be mindful of the company you keep and the environments you find yourself in. Have a person in the media to protect and promote your image and reputation.

❇ Utilise club resources: Take advantage of the support systems and resources available through your club to navigate any challenges you may face.

❇ Communicate openly with your club: Maintain open lines of communication with your club officials to address any concerns or issues.

❇ Educate yourself: Stay informed about cultural norms and legal frameworks in your host country to navigate cultural differences.

❇ Prioritse mental well-being: Seek professional help if needed, and prioritize your mental and emotional well-being throughout your career.

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