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Sam Nartey George Engages in Debate with Dutch Journalist on LGBTQ+ Rights

In a recent encounter with Dutch journalist Bram Vermeulen, Sam Nartey George, the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, was once again questioned about his views on LGBTQ+ activities. The interaction, captured in a video shared on Twitter by Rightify Ghana on June 1, 2023, took place during a car ride.

During the conversation, Sam George expressed his concern about LGBTQ+ advocates and their perceived desire to impose their beliefs on Ghanaians. He clarified that he does not interfere with people’s private lives, but takes issue when those choices are forcefully pushed into the public sphere, attempting to normalize them and influence children’s upbringing.

The journalist argued that the demands of LGBTQ+ individuals are legitimate because they have the right to exist like anyone else. In response, Sam George drew a controversial analogy by equating LGBTQ+ individuals with criminals, such as armed robbers and rapists, stating that if one group is allowed to exercise their rights, then others should be allowed to do the same.

Bram Vermeulen disagreed with the comparison, emphasizing that LGBTQ+ identities are not crimes but aspects of personal identity. Sam George, however, persisted in describing the comparison as a comparison of crimes.

The conversation continued, with the journalist pointing out that labeling LGBTQ+ activities as crimes was incorrect since it is a matter of personal identity. In response, Sam George made a provocative statement, suggesting that if he were to identify as a 16-year-old Belgian woman, it would be considered madness and require him to seek psychiatric evaluation.

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