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Sammy Gyamfi Criticizes Bryan Acheampong, a Former US Airman with Low Rank, for Claiming Control Over Ghana’s Sovereignty

Sammy Gyamfi, the National Communications officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has responded to comments made by Bryan Acheampong, the Member of Parliament for Abetifi and Minister of Food and Agriculture, during a recent New Patriotic Party (NPP) rally in the Eastern Region. At the rally on April 8, Acheampong stated that the NPP was not going to give up power to the NDC after the 2024 General Elections, which has drawn criticism from NDC members.

In a Facebook post, Gyamfi described Acheampong’s comments as “ludicrous tantrums” and emphasized that sovereignty resided with the people, not with a political party. He also criticized Acheampong’s military background and shared a brochure containing Acheampong’s photo and certificate from the US Air Force. Gyamfi stated that the majority of Ghanaian voters would vote for change in 2024 and that nobody could subvert their will.

Acheampong had previously stated that the NPP would do whatever was necessary to win the 2024 elections, including matching the opposition “boot for boot.” He also emphasized that the NPP was not prepared to hand over power to the NDC and would use any means necessary to stay in power.

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