Sarkodie credits his wife, Tracy Sarkcess, as a key player in his career success

On July 17, 2018, Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Tracy in a private ceremony. In an interview, Sarkodie expressed how Tracy had been instrumental in building his career, and how her unwavering faith in him had stood the test of time.

The couple has always been a public favourite, and after their wedding, they became the epitome of a committed and intimate relationship.

Sarkodie spoke highly of Tracy, mentioning how she supported his career, and how she was one of his biggest fans from the very beginning. He even referred to her as the biggest “sark-native” representative, before the concept of “sark-nation” was even introduced. This support, he said, made him realize that she was his life partner.

When asked about his plans for Valentine’s Day, Sarkodie refused to divulge any information, but described his relationship with Tracy as one that did not need validation through material things. He stated that he believed that when someone cares for you genuinely, you can feel it, and that was the vibe between him and Tracy until now.

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