Schools in Nkwanta yet to resume weeks after tribal clashes

Schools in some parts of the Nkwanta township in the Oti Region remain closed following weeks of clashes between the Adele, Challa, and Akyode tribes.

The conflict, which erupted over disagreements related to the performance of ritual rites connected to the Akyodes’ 2023 annual yam festival, has resulted in multiple fatalities, injuries, and property damage, prompting many residents to flee the area.

In response to the escalating violence, the Minister for the Interior, Ambrose Dery, imposed a curfew on the Nkwanta township, restricting movement from 5 pm to 6 am.

Despite the presence of security personnel and the curfew, tensions remain high in the community.

Fearful of being caught in the crossfire, market women have abandoned the central market, opting to sell their wares along the pavements.

Schools have been forced to close, businesses have been disrupted, and residents are living in constant fear.

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