“Securing Free SHS: A Call to Re-elect NPP – COP Alex Mensah”

“Former Police Commissioner George Alex Mensah Advocates for NPP Continuation in 2024 Elections to Safeguard Free Senior High School Policy

George Alex Mensah, retired Commissioner of Police and aspiring NPP parliamentary candidate for Bekwai, has emphasized the importance of Ghanaians keeping the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in power during the 2024 elections to protect the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy. In an interview with Asaase Radio, Mensah praised the NPP for its ability to effectively manage the country and implement policies that benefit the less fortunate. He particularly highlighted the NPP’s track record of providing free education to public senior high school students through the Free SHS policy, making it accessible to all, regardless of their financial situation.

While the Free SHS policy has received praise for its inclusivity, it has also faced criticism due to its associated costs. Despite economic challenges, the government has reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining the policy. In August 2023, Deputy Finance Minister Abena Osei-Asare assured the public that President Nana Akufo-Addo has no intentions of canceling the policy and is dedicated to sustaining it, given its positive impact on the youth of Ghana.

The upcoming 2024 general election is expected to be closely contested between the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), with the Free SHS policy likely to be a prominent issue in the campaign.”

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