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SHS/TVET First Year Students; Report to School if you can’t buy all items on Prospectus: Education Ministry.

SHS/TVET First Year Students; Report to School if you can’t buy all items on Prospectus,

This call was made as the Minister of Education Dr. Yaw Adutwum categorically cautioned Heads of second Cycle Institutions across the country not to prevent First year’s from enrolling because they do not have all the items on their prospectus list.

He suggested  Students could be allowed in and later buy the remaining items on the prospectus.

Parents started to complain as some could not buy items on the prospectus for their wards to school and this prevented them from enrolling their wards.

Others also blame schools for over bloating their prospectus as a hidden cost undermining the Free SHS/TVET.

Here is the full Publication by the Ministry of Education

Heads of second Cycle Institutions across the country have been cautioned to desist from preventing first year students from enrolling because some items on their prospectus had not been procured.

This is to ensure that every qualified student is not denied access to education and is not discouraged or prevented from the free education policy by Government.

The Minister for Education, Dr, Yaw Osei Adutwum made the call over the weekend when he addressed the members of the Conference of Assisted Senior High Schools (CHASS) and Principals of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in Kumasi.

He indicated that “there is no way any student should be turned away from school because the parents have not been able to procure some items on the school’s prospectus, at least, let them come to the school and the rest could be procured with some time.”

Unapproved items on Prospectus

The Education Minister lamented the addition of many other unapproved items on the school’s prospectus which in the long run lead to the bloating of the prospectus for first-year students.

Dr Adutwum advised the Heads not to do anything that would discourage or prevent any student from having access to education.

He urged them to let it be their goal of doing everything possible to create an enabling environment for students to study and not to disturb them from their studies.

Source PR UNIT MOE/ Seekersnews

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