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Sophia Akuffo, Former Chief Justice, Shares Experience of Serving Presidents Throughout the Fourth Republic.

Former Chief Justice of Ghana, Sophia Akuffo, has rejected being labeled as belonging to or against a particular political party or ideology. She stated that having served under all five presidents of the Fourth Republic, she has always served the nation above anything else. Akuffo served on the bench for 24 years, ending in 2019, with her final two years as Chief Justice of Ghana.

During an interview with Joy News, Akuffo outlined her service to Ghana under different presidents, starting with late President Jerry John Rawlings, who appointed her to the Supreme Court straight from private practice. She went on to explain that President Kufuor nominated her to the African Court, while it was mostly Presidents Mills or Mahama who would attend the African Union meetings. Before their arrival, she said, they would ask staffers to seek the special needs of the justices and help them with the political powers.

Regarding the perception that she belongs to a family and friends government, Akuffo stated that it was just a perception, and that she knows what she is worth in terms of the work she has done. She stressed that she has acquitted herself very well in every assignment she has been given. Akuffo was elected as Chief Justice in 2017 and handed over to the current Chief Justice, Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah, in 2019.

In a separate incident, Akuffo criticized the government for the way it went about the Domestic Debt Exchange program. She joined a group of pensioners at their picketing session in front of the finance ministry in Accra

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