South Florida’s Quarantine Due to “Giant” African Snail Invasion Leaves Ghanaians and Others Astonished

Viral TikTok Video Amuses Africans as South Florida Implements Snail-Related Quarantine

A TikTok video has garnered the attention of Africans, particularly Ghanaians, by claiming that South Florida has initiated a quarantine due to an infestation of giant African land snails. As reported by ABC7 Chicago, neighborhoods in South Florida have been placed under quarantine as these “giant African land snails” have overrun the area, purportedly posing a threat to the well-being of residents.

The report highlights the snails as a significant health hazard to humans, as they carry a parasite capable of causing meningitis. However, what drew amusement from many viewers was a particular aspect of the report, which suggested that the snails’ pointy shells are sharp and sturdy enough to puncture tires if vehicles run over them.

In response to the report, Africans have pointed out that these snails are harmless and, in fact, considered a delectable delicacy. One Ghanaian individual jokingly remarked, “lol, something that would have been added to Banku and Fufu in Ghana.” Another African emphasized that snails are cherished as a precious culinary delight in Africa, and for centuries, there have been no reported cases of meningitis resulting from their consumption. Many regarded the news as unverified and responded with a touch of humor.

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