Video:Statement from Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Prior to Deposing Childhood Friend as Nkonsonhene

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has dethroned one of his subchiefs due to his disregard for a ruling related to a land dispute between the chief and another party.

A video posted on the Royal Palace MultiMedia YouTube page captures the Gyaasefuor presenting the now-dethroned Nkonsonhene, Nana Osei Tiri II, before an assembly of the Asanteman Council.

The accusers in the case presented their claim that despite Otumfuo’s decree that a contested piece of land should remain off-limits to both parties, the Nkonsonhene went against the ruling and began developing the land.

Otumfuo had prohibited access to the land and had summoned both parties to present their plans for his final ruling. However, Nana Osei Tiri II defied this directive.

During the questioning by Otumfuo’s linguist, it was revealed that the subchief had engaged in misconduct. The Nkonsonhene’s explanations proved inadequate, leading to his removal from the position.

In his verdict, Otumfuo mentioned that the Nkonsonhene had been neglectful for an extended period, failing to fulfill essential duties of his office.

He referenced their childhood friendship as a factor influencing his disdain for the Nkonsonhene’s behavior before stripping him of his title.

“Kyidonhene is available, but your conduct has been unacceptable. When Kyeame Duah was alive, I instructed you to resolve the issues. He passed away long before Bonsu assumed the role, yet you continue to litigate over the land. Is my understanding correct?

“You encountered Atenehene, and I’ve tolerated your behavior for too long. We’ve served together since childhood, and your attitude has become arrogant. Yaw Duah, I’ve been alongside you in service for a considerable time, and your behavior has become uncontrollable.

“You’ve neglected your fundamental responsibilities and haven’t attended to your duties as chief for years now… As of today, you are no longer in the position of authority.”

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