Teenage DWP Dancer Passes Away, Mother Alleges Hospital Negligence

Nana Obeng Owusu Junior, a dancer affiliated with the DWP Academy, has tragically passed away. Mrs. Nelly Mills, the mother of the deceased, has expressed deep concern regarding the hospital’s role in her son’s demise, believing that his life could have been saved with the administration of oxygen.

Describing the events leading to his passing, Mrs. Mills explained that her son had been battling asthma for a decade. On the day of his death, she served him a meal and was waiting to give him his prescribed medications. However, he began to feel progressively worse, indicating a severe asthma attack. Initially, she suggested using his inhaler, but he requested a nebulizer at the hospital, which led to their decision to seek medical help.

Their first visit to a hospital was unsuccessful as it was closed, prompting a visit to Ewim Polyclinic. There, Mrs. Mills emphasized the critical need for oxygen, but she was asked to purchase a GHC7.00 drug outside the hospital. Upon her return, she found her son vomiting, and shortly thereafter, he exhibited aggressive and unusual behavior. Despite resuscitation attempts, the hospital staff eventually confirmed his passing.

Mrs. Mills suspects that the hospital may have administered the wrong treatment after she was sent to acquire the medication. She expressed frustration about the lack of information regarding her son’s cause of death, as the hospital explained that they would review all such cases at the end of the month. She passionately called upon the Ghana Health Service to investigate the situation, fearing that others might go through similar experiences in the future.

Nana Owusu Obeng, besides his career as a professional dancer, was a second-year law student at the University of Ghana. As of now, the DWP Academy has not issued any public statement concerning this tragic incident.

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