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“The Rise of Ali Dangote: How He Became Africa’s Wealthiest Man

Aliko ‘Ali’ Dangote is recognized as the wealthiest individual in Africa and the richest black person globally, with a net worth of $13.5 billion. Dangote’s empire was built on his business prowess.According to Investopedia, Aliko Dangote was brought up in a Muslim family of upper-middle-class in Kano State, Nigeria, where he spent his formative years.Having been inspired by his grandfather, Aliko Dangote had an inclination towards business from his early years. In 1977, he graduated from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, with a bachelor’s degree in business studies and administration at the age of 21. After completing his studies, Dangote, who was full of determination, borrowed $3,000 from his uncle to commence his own business venture. He began importing and trading agricultural products such as sugar, salt, and flour in Nigeria.

Following his move to Lagos in 1977, Aliko Dangote founded Dangote Group, a small trading firm. His business acumen quickly proved successful, enabling him to repay his debt and grow his company significantly.

As per Investopedia, in 1997, Dangote realized that serving as a middleman was an expensive affair. Therefore, he took the decision to manufacture the products he had been importing and trading for the previous two decades, including pasta, sugar, salt, and flour.

Around the same time, Dangote was reportedly granted ownership of a state-owned cement firm. In 2005, he expanded its operations substantially by constructing a multimillion-dollar production facility.

The construction of the cement factory was financed by Aliko Dangote’s personal funds of $319 million and a loan of $479 million from the International Finance Corporation.

As stated by Investopedia, the majority of Dangote’s wealth is attributed to Dangote Cement, which manufactures 45.6 million tons of cement every year and operates across ten African countries.

In 2007, Dangote became Nigeria’s first billionaire after earning his first billion. He has also contributed a portion of his fortune to various philanthropic initiatives throughout Africa

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