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On 31st January 1935, amidst pomp and pageantry, the Asante Confederacy was restored with an estimated 75,000 people attending the ceremony with Otumfuo Sir Osei Agyeman Prempeh II as the 14th Occupant of the Golden stool.

Asantehene Otumfuo Sir Osei Agyemang Prempeh II is the ‘Maker of Modern Asante’ because during his reign as Asantehene was characterized by restoration, stability and peace. Asante Kingdom received a significant facelift in terms of Economic, political and social. One of his achievements was the design of the Asanteman flag.

The Asante Kingdom have an official national flag, a symbol of authority which is known as the Asanteman flag which is the national flag of regions in modern-day Ghana that under the authority and jurisdiction of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. These include the whole of Ashanti, Ahafo, parts of Bono, Bono East, Eastern, Oti regions of Ghana and even parts of Ivory Coast. Asante is made of up of different groups of people across the country. “ɛnfa ho ne bɛbiaa wo firi biara, sɛ wosom Sikadwa a woyɛ ↄsantenii”. Many people in Ghana assume the Asanteman flag is for only people from the Ashanti region which is not true. Gold, Black and Green are the colours that represents the Asante flag.

The gold colour of the flag represents the wealth or riches of the Asante Kingdom.

It represents the symbolic image of the Blackman concerning the Asante Kingdom and the courage of Asante in facing warfare.

Green colour in the Asante flag also represents the vegetation of the Asante Kingdom.

Busumuru Cap/Gyimirekutukyɛ
The Asanteman flag is also embossed with a crest known as Busumuru Cap/Gyimirekutukyɛ which is made up of animal parts coated with gold-coloured paintings such as elephant tail, hornbill head (ↄwam ti), the feathers of adwera(wreath). The Busumuru cap/Gyimirekutukyɛ represents the symbol of power and authority of the Asantehene.

Any ↄsantenii here, must the Asanteman flag at home or office. Yema yɛn Asantesɛm ho nhia yɛn by rekindling the spirit of our ancestors by chanting Asante war song, ‘Asante Kotoko, woyaa, woyaa yie’! to ignite the spirit of Asante Nationalism.







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