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The betrayal of the century, by ndc dissidents, in parliament. Part 1 by Mansa Musa

The betrayal of the century, by ndc dissidents, in parliament. Part 1

After the storm, the clouds have shifted, and we can now see clearly. Where do we go from here, and what do we do with the few dissidents? These few traitors within the ndc. Some say this was done to sabotage the new leadership in parliament. Well, those few dissidents are not to be allowed to decide for the patriotic many….mansa musa writes ✍️

For the majority of you, the true warriors of ndc in parliament who stood by your party and conformed to its decision. Your comrades salute you. People in Ghana who want proper change from this current filth in the country would like to thank you for your efforts. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the time to minse words at all. A spade is not a spike, and neither is it a fork.

Before even the voting figures had come out, npp MP Anor Dompreh came out to say they the majority had won. So, you see, it’s all about winning . He didn’t say that they’ve been able to convince some ndc MPs of the need to help the government move things forward. He announced that it was a big win for the npp.

That being the case, the question is, why didn’t those ndc defectees, dissidents, why didn’t/don’t they want ndc to win .
To this, the good people of Ghana want the ndc hierarchy to act. They must take a bold decision now and ask those dissidents to leave, to go join their colleagues on the other side, goodbye and good riddance.

Those dissidents must go and, quickly. Some of them want to join Bryan Acheampong, and others want to be like sticker* The karate kid. Some even want to be like KT Hammond but not in power. They want to remain powerful in opposition. And since the ndc does not want to be in opposition, those dissidents must go. Period. I finish.

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