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The Emerging Political Force Across Africa

The Emerging Political Force Across Africa

The African Continental Unity Party-ACUP is a Global Pan-African Ideological-based Political movement. Our vision is to mobilize and organise the Global African community towards rebuilding Africa to become a Global Power-base (a powerful African community with the strength to determine our own path and to protect ourselves against external influences and exploitation).

We currently have working teams in most of the African countries and have membership in nearly all African communities in the world. We currently have operational offices in Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Gambia.

Apart from being one global political movement, one of our Strategies is to organise our membership in various countries and to provide them with Pan-African training and guidance in order that the ACUP is able to register as legal political parties in various African countries to capture political power. When we are able to become strong and competitive to capture power across Africa, then the vision and agenda of the ACUP can be implemented across African countries to bring African Unity and transformation.

Already, the Electoral Commission of Ghana has provisionally granted the ACUP a political party status and we are tirelessly working across all regions and communities of Ghana to build a solid structure and grassroots base to establish the ACUP as a strong political force in the country.

In South Africa and in Zimbabwe, the process of registering the ACUP is in advance stages and we hope to have the party legally registered there and in many other African countries soon.

We are working to make sure that together, we provide alternative to politics of exploitation and politics that serves the interests of external forces by building a political force that is finance and control by the African community and strive to capture political power to serve the interest of Africa and the African people.

In addition to the ACUP as a political wing, we also have educational wing for mental transformation which is the Free-Minded Pan-African Academy and Economic wing for Economic liberation and empowerment which is the Ubuntu Solidarity Group

The ACUP can be searched at

The Free-Minded Pan-African Academy at

And the Ubuntu Solidarity Group at

I am also sharing with you, the ACUP’s Ideological Handbook which serves as our ultimate guide. You may need to go through this document to have complete understanding of the ACUP and our agenda for Rebuilding Africa by all Africans.

If you are interested in joining ACUP or giving us support, advice or strategies, you can speak with me (Kwadwo Agyei Yeboah +233548534511) or contact

King Jehovanis +233557213424 or

King Kabala +27746577264

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