“The Enduring Sibling Feuds Among Asantes that Gave Rise to ‘Kwahu'”

Historian and lawyer Anokye Frimpong shares the origin story behind the name “Kwahu” and clarifies that it does not represent a distinct tribe in Ghana. According to his account, the early settlers of Kwahu were Ashanti siblings prone to frequent conflicts with one another. Seeking to escape these disputes, they relocated to the mountains but became notorious for another reason, leading to their current appellation.

In his words, “It’s important to emphasize that Kwahu is not a separate tribe in Ghana. If we delve into history, we find no tribe named Kwahu. We have the Akyem, a distinct tribe that once clashed with the Ashantis. Akuapim is another tribe with historical conflicts with the Ashantis. Akwamu, too, learned their martial skills from the Ashantis. However, when it comes to the Kwahus, they are essentially Ashantis who were constantly quarreling with their Ashanti siblings until they settled in the mountains, declaring an end to their fights.

“So, when the Asantehene called for people to recruit them for a battle, the Kwahus responded by rolling stones towards the messengers as a way of warding them off. Hence, whenever someone was sent to the Kwahu region, it was seen as ‘going to your doom.’ This is how the name Kwahu originated, but they are unequivocally Ashantis,” he elaborated during a radio interview with Okwahu FM.

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