The National Service Scheme (NSS) has raised the monthly allowance to GHc 715, and service personnel will also receive arrears.

In a recent press release, the National Service Scheme announced an increase in the monthly allowance for service personnel from GHC 559 to GHC 715. This adjustment aims to enhance the welfare of the service personnel during their period of national service. In addition to the allowance increment, the National Service Scheme has instructed The Controller and Accountant-General to implement the new levels of personnel allowances. As a result, all currently active National Service Personnel will receive arrears for the difference in the increased allowance from January 2023.

These arrears will be paid accordingly, and management kindly requests the personnel to be patient as the necessary administrative procedures are being finalized to ensure timely payment of all arrears. The National Service Scheme remains committed to ensuring the well-being and welfare of its personnel during their service period.

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