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Showbiz entertainment on tv, was not started by TV3, Utv, Adom tv, Wontumi tv, Joy tv, Joy Prime, etc nor the latest addition, Onua tv.

The likes of Max Brodie Mends, George Crabbe, Pikuss Laryea and others, had started it long time on GTV by the name, “Weekend Rendezvous” with the “Mike Eghan Show” and others even preceeding it in the mid 70’s.

What makes the current Showbiz entertainment on tv 📺 so competitive is, the attraction for sponsorship, technical support, style of presentation, eyeballs on live streams and the anchors at the helm of affairs.

Since the arrival of United Showbiz on Utv, that show has became the reference point and the standard for which most of the entertainment shows on tv, are measured and referred to.

Yesterday, Onua tv 📺 added to its stock of programs on their network, Onua Showtime featuring, Nana Ama Mcbrown Official Nana Mcbrown as the lead anchor after she was unveiled as a brand of the Onua merchandise which falls under Media General, the owners of TV3, Onua tv and fm, 3fm, Connect fm, etc on the 13th March, 2023 which shook the foundations of other competitive markets on tv entertainment programming. With 12K as the eyeballs on Facebook plus other portals yesterday, it was quite convincing that, the show if devoid of complicity, can stand the test of time.

Prior to Nana Ama Mcbrown taking this role at Onua tv, she had already established herself on United Showbiz at Utv. There is no denying the fact that, the aura surrounding her persona, attracted a lot of viewers and sponsorship on that show.

The maiden edition yesterday, started on time as advertised that is, 7pm on tv with music by Ewura Abena, a sensational Gospel singer backed by the evergreen, Arc Band before Nana Ama Mcbrown, was introduced. She was welcomed with a tumultuous applause 👏 from the live studio audience.

The montage, set design and the general studio set up, is so on point with good lighting. I love the graphics however, i wished the background of skyline and skyscrapers, could be that from Ghana. Their marketing department, can design a concept for them to earn a revenue from that.

The live band set, can have a small riser for the drummer and the place where the Queen was seated, could be removed in the subsequent edition to make the musicians feel free. The continuous standing of the back up singers,wasn’t the best. The sound was perfect!

Switchers at the MCR room, should watch the transitions of pictures especially from the master camera. Some of the images shown from that angle on tv, could have been better.

Moving forward, the ability for the viewers at home to stick to their tv sets on Sundays to enjoy this show, depends exactly on the production team especially the director, sound, floor manager, camera angles, guests and the audience response. Onua tv, has one of the best resolutions on tv especially its clarity of pictures 📸.

Nana Ama Mcbrown, is a lovely personality who will always like to engage her guests on her shows with all activities that happens while in motion which sometimes, leads her to do a lot of repetitive talking and embellishments. On this show, the producers must script the program and let her stick to the rules of engagement to avoid any tangentials. Surprise acts on the live set, should be carefully planned, scrutinized and executed.

All the guests who passed through yesterday, showed class and love. They were, Ewura Abena, MOG, Yaw Tog, OB Amponsah, Dope Nation, Fameye, Lasmid, King Promise, Nana AK and Felicia Osei. Nana AK, did well with his appellations and drumming including the poet girl.

When i posted the flyer of Nana Ama Mcbrown maiden edition of the Onua Showtime on my Facebook page, some of the comments that came concerning Onua tv from some connoisseurs of the creative industry, business moguls and the general public, cannot be swept under the carpet or glossed over.

The negative perception that some sections of the populace have is that, their morning show, is inundated and embedded with insults, vulgarity, innuendos, aspersions and sometimes, lack decorum which has made some people never to watch Onua tv channel, should tickle and push the management to reconsider, rebrand and orientate the morning show anchors, to choose their words carefully even if the situation calls for that! Asem s3 b3! Let it not affect this newest show.

The Fridays and the Sundays, are the best times for this show as this maiden edition has proved to be so. They should stick to their times ⏲️ and act accordingly and not stretch it beyond certain limits.

Welcome Onua Showtime to the addition of weekend entertainment shows on prime time tv.
Cinema awiey3 na, y3 b3hunu Charlie.

Good beads don’t rattle.


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