The Silent Town of Anum: Where Dogs Are Forbidden

The Silent Town of Anum: Where Dogs Are Forbidden

In the serene Eastern Region of Ghana, nestled a town called Anum, where an unusual custom prevails – no dogs are allowed. Considered a taboo or a banned act, the town’s residents and indigenes have adhered to this tradition for centuries.

According to local historians, this peculiar ban on dogs stems from a spiritual belief deeply ingrained in the town’s culture. Anum is believed to be under the protection of a powerful deity who is accompanied by a dog. This divine guardian roams the town at night, ensuring its safety and well-being. However, this vigilant deity detests the barking of other dogs that might sense its presence, preferring to operate in silence without drawing any unnecessary attention.

Kofi Osae, the Asafoatse of the Nimfa Division of the Anum Traditional Area, sheds light on this unique tradition. He explains that the deity, known as OkweiKwao, guided the people of Anum to their current settlement in the eighteenth century. To maintain the tranquil atmosphere the deity desires, the community members have been instructed to keep dogs away from the town.

Anyone passing through Anum with dogs is permitted to continue their journey, but staying in the town with dogs is strictly prohibited. The villagers firmly adhere to this directive to avoid the wrath of the gods. Even dogs from nearby villages are not allowed in Anum.

Though some residents appreciate the companionship and security dogs could offer, they dutifully abide by their leaders’ instructions and the sacred tradition passed down through generations. The elders’ reverence for the deity’s wishes has created an enduring custom in Anum, where the silence of a watchful guardian is safeguarded above all else.

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