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“The woman behind the viral sound was under the care of Father Bernard before his passing”

The woman who appeared in the viral video of the burial of Catholic priest Father Bernard has revealed the reason for her emotional reaction. In an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Kofi TV, the woman, who remains unnamed, disclosed that she had a close relationship with Father Bernard as she was responsible for cleaning the church premises.

She explained that the late Father Bernard had been a source of spiritual and financial support for her and her family, including taking care of her father before his death. The woman’s emotional reaction to Father Bernard’s burial was triggered by her inability to come to terms with his passing, and she couldn’t explain her behavior at the graveside, where she fell on the casket and cried out “Father Bernard.”

Although she had told Sister Elizabeth that she wanted to go with Father Bernard, the woman was surprised to find herself closer to the grave than she had anticipated. She was saddened by the fact that she had no one to celebrate her upcoming birthday with except Father Bernard, who had been her “breadwinner.” The video of the woman’s emotional outburst went viral between March and April 2023, and Father Bernard had been the Parish Priest of St. John the Baptist Church, Saltpond, in the Central Region of Ghana.

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