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Tomorrow Sunday 5th February, 2023 is the first Akwasidae of the year.

Tomorrow Sunday 5th February, 2023 is the first Akwasidae of the year.

The Addae Festival meaning in Twi ” resting place” is one of the most important festivals among the Akan.

The Akan annual calendar is divided into nine(9) months which lasts approximately six(6) weeks but varying between 40 and 42 days in a period; the celebration of this period is called the Adae Festival. The Adae Festival has two celebration days: the Akwasidae Festival is celebrated on the final Sunday of the period, while the Awukudae Festival is celebrated on a Wednesday within the period. The Friday preceding 10 days to the Akwasidae is called the Fofie (meaning a ritual Friday). As the festival is always held on Sundays (Twi in AKwasidae), its recurrence could be after 40 or 42 days in accordance with the official Calendar of Asante. During the last Akwasidae of the year, which coincides with the Adae Kese Festival meaning “big Addae”

On Dapaa days, all preparations needed are made. The day before the Akwasidae is Memeneda dapaa. The Tuesday prior to Wukudue is Beneda Dapaa.

Addae festival is celebrated to glorify the achievements of the Asante Kingdom and also to remember the ancestors






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Source:Thekingdomofasanteofficail Facebook page

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