“Tonardo reveals another surprising fact that Afia Schwarzenegger is the spouse of a chief in a polyggynous marriage.”

Nana Tonardo has made claims about Afia Schwarzenegger, suggesting that she is married to a chief as his second wife. This was confirmed by various sources, including videos that went viral on social media showing Afia dressed in a bridal kente gown and flaunting her wedding ring. Despite the confirmation, there were still many questions from the public about the situation.

Nana Tonardo then took to social media to shed more light on the situation and make further allegations. According to him, Afia has acquired someone else’s husband with great speed and that she blackmailed the chief in question. He also accused Afia of making a living through blackmail, stating that she collected a Toyota Prado as part of the deal. Nana Tonardo also stated that the true reason behind Afia’s popularity will be revealed at the right time, and that the chief’s wife will eventually come forward to speak.

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