“Top 5 Active Celebrity Fathers According to Delay’s List”

In the April 8th, 2023 episode of The Delay Show, host Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) shared her list of the top five active celebrity fathers in Ghana. She highlighted that while many celebrities may showcase their family lives on social media, it may not always be a true reflection of their parenting skills.

Delay emphasized that the five names she mentioned, namely Kwaw Kese, Sarkodie, Reggie Rockstone, Okyeame Kwame, and Abedi Pele, are fathers she has observed over time and knows to be truly caring and responsible. These men have demonstrated their commitment to their families and have consistently been present in their children’s lives, making them deserving of recognition as top celebrity fathers in Ghana.

In her introduction, she emphasized that being a celebrity father involves more than just sharing photos on social media. She then proceeded to list her top five celebrity fathers in Ghana.

In fifth place is Kwaw Kese, who is not only known for his eccentric personality but also for being a family man. He is actively involved in his children’s lives and takes them to school with his wife, displaying responsible fatherhood.

Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most famous musicians, takes the fourth spot. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time for his family, and he travels with his children, especially his daughter, taking good care of them.

Next on the list is Reggie Rockstone, a legend in the Ghanaian music industry. Despite his fame, he is still involved in everyday family activities such as preparing and selling waakye with his wife, and he takes his children to school. He is a highly active father.

Okyeame Kwame, another renowned rapper, is second on the list. He is a hands-on father, taking his children to school and helping them with their homework. He is also interested in what they wear and is always present in their lives.

At the top of the list is Abedi Pele, a legendary footballer in Ghana. According to Delay, he is the best father in Ghana, and his hard work and dedication to his children are unparalleled. Even at his age, he shows up for his children’s important events, and his love and care for them have helped shape them into successful individuals. Abedi Pele has four children, three sons, and a daughter, all of whom have excelled in sports just like their father.

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