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Torgbui Saba V Responds to Agyinasare’s Statement on Nogokpo: “You Will Hear from Us”

The Dufia (chief) of Nogokpo, Torgbui Saba V, has responded to a statement made by Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, in which he referred to Nogokpo as the demonic headquarters in the Volta Region. In an official statement issued on May 26, 2023, the Dufia acknowledged the viral nature of Agyinasare’s comment and stated that the traditional authorities of Nogokpo are actively examining the matter.

The statement further mentioned that the actions to be taken by the authorities in response to Agyinasare’s statement will be made known to the public. Quoting parts of the statement, it read, “It has come to the notice of Torghui Saba V. Dufia of Nogokpo about the current happenings on social media about Archbishop Charles Agyinasare. We wish to let Ghanaians and the world know that we are deliberating on the issue and you shall hear from us in due course.”

An official from the palace of Torgbui Saba V, who spoke with GhanaWeb, confirmed the authenticity of the statement. The official also disclosed that, as part of their planned course of action, the traditional authorities of Nogokpo will submit a petition to various state authorities, including President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. “We intend to petition the regional minister, minister for chieftaincy and religious affairs, and the president,” the official stated.

What Agyinasare said?

During the Supernatural Summit held at Perez Chapel headquarters in Accra, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare delivered a sermon on divine protection and the existence of evil forces. He provided various examples to support his teachings. One incident he recounted involved his team experiencing spiritual attacks while hosting a crusade in the Volta Region.

Agyinasare mentioned that during their stay in Agbozume, with Nogokpo being the route they had to pass through, they encountered challenges. Referring to Nogokpo as the demonic headquarters in the Volta Region, he revealed that on the second night, Bishop Yaw Adu addressed the topic of witchcraft and confronted witches and wizards. As they were driving from Aflao to Agbozume, the tire of Bishop Yaw Adu’s four-wheel drive suddenly came off when they reached Nogokpo.

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