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Tragic Death of 13-Year-Old Junior High School Student Following Teacher’s Caning

Tragedy struck at Swedru Methodist B Basic School when a 13-year-old student named Godfred Ankomah lost his life as a result of physical punishment inflicted by his teacher. According to a news report from UTV, Godfred fell ill and subsequently passed away while being transported to the hospital.

The report revealed that the teacher, identified as Teacher Millicent, resorted to caning her students due to their noisy behavior. She decided to administer lashes on their backs, correlating the number of wrong answers they had in a previous homework assignment. Godfred was slated to receive six lashes because he had made six mistakes in his homework.

Despite warning the teacher about his health condition, Godfred pleaded with her not to strike his back. However, his pleas went unheard, and she proceeded to administer the strokes on his back.

Upon reaching home, Godfred started coughing, and blood particles were observed in his mucus. Concerned for his well-being, he was rushed to the government hospital in Agona Swedru, where he received medical treatment. Unfortunately, his cough persisted, prompting the doctor to issue a referral to the Winneba Government Hospital. Tragically, Godfred succumbed to his condition while en route to the hospital.

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